• Image of How to Make a Reverend (pack of 15 booklets)

How to Make a Reverend is an overview of biblical teaching on how a person becomes recognized as a spiritual leader under biblical authority and also approved to operate within the "laws of the land" in which they live.

Getting recognized to officiate at certain life ceremonies is a requirement in some legal jurisdictions such as weddings. Too many are creating conflicts by stepping outside of spiritual boundaries to obtain approval to act within legal jurisdictions.

This version of HOW TO MAKE A REVEREND is written with the consideration of the guidelines of many non-denominational churches.

There is another version of this booklet that takes into consideration the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches in North America (Canada and USA) yet it can be applied to both independent churches or other denominations and fellowships of churches. Contact the publisher for details on how to obtain copies of the FGBC version.